2nd Room - "Malfunction" Opening!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new escape room - "Malfunction"! Available on April 1st we have begun taking reservations as we complete final testing stages for the puzzles.

Sunburn will continue to run during it's normal times but we are adding additional slots for Malfunction reservations. Unlike Sunburn, Malfunction is geared towards smaller teams of 4-5 as they navigate through the challenges presented in the "engine room". 

Our focus was to provide an opportunity for our initial Sunburn escapees to return and have their revenge on a new Lock Chicago room seeing that many of our guests initially were first time escape-room goers! We are thrilled to see some of these amazing groups come back and earn a new picture on the "Wall of Champions". 

Check below as the escape room saga continues...

You and your team arrive at Keplar Station on the outer perimeter of Mars with one mission: save the lives of the dozens of crew members trapped there. With near complete power failure following a sudden meteor shower, the life-support is the only remaining function and it won't last long. Your engineering team has exactly 60 minutes before the station shuts down for good, will you persevere and be the heroes or remain trapped in the annals of space?

Good Luck!

Brian and Bane