Proud to Donate to Local Charities

Lock Chicago is proud to be able to donate to local Chicagoland charities, and is more than happy to donate tickets to any cause. Whether it's items to a silent auction, raffle gifts, or even just tickets to help make planning group outings throughout the year a little bit easier, we're here to help.

We have a limited amount of tickets we can donate each year, and any tickets we donate are yours to use for your charity for any fundraising purpose, whether it's for a single event or several events throughout the year. While we are able, we will donate the following donation package to any charity:

1 set of Weekday (Wednesday-Friday) 10-person tickets for our Sunburn Private Escape Room Experience valued at



Please send us an email with the following information to

--Organization name
--What is the event (or nature of the donation request)
--Tax ID Number
--501(c)(3) Tax Exempt form (if you have it)

—A review on Google or Yelp of your experience working with us at Lock Chicago is greatly appreciated as well!
--A receipt made out to Lock Chicago for the $329 value

We ask for a receipt in advance because it's just the 3 of us here running the show, and with all of the requests we receive it's hard to keep track of all the paperwork if it's not in all at once. Anything to make tax season a little bit easier, am I right?

The only thing we ask in return is that you get as many people from your team as you can to like and follow us on our social media sites. For a small business like us that's our bread and butter, and the better we're doing the more we can offer to charities year after year, it's a win-win! 



Instagram: Search "Lock Chicago"


Once we get the email from you we will send you over a response email with the tickets and code for your donation package, simple as that!

Thanks, and best wishes from the Lock Chicago team!