2 Weeks In - New Record Holders!

Checking in again almost 3 weeks after our opening day and we have some exciting news - Lock Chicago's Sunburn room officially has new record holders for best time! An amazing team of 8 came through and working together like champions - unlocked the Sun Treasure with a time of 57:16!

We've had over 30 groups come through in the first 15 days resulting in a solve-rate of 5/30. A few teams have been right on the cusp and given another minute or two that 5/30 number might look very different. It's been an amazing time watching groups work their way around our escape room and seeing the different communication styles that lead to success or a place on our Wall of Valiant Efforts. 

Looking forward to see what our groups this week can bring as they attempt to dismantle the current record holders! Check back in for an update soon. Thanks for reading!