Moving Lock Chicago Locations

Hello Again!

Welcome back to Lock Chicago's blog. Today we're briefly going to chat about the process from moving your escape room from location A to location B. 

Whether it be growth, a better rent deal, or anything there are many reasons why you would want/have to relocate. It's crazy to think that it's almost been one year since we signed our lease for our current address and while we have certainly had our ups and downs, it's time that we increase our space to create more rooms for our awesome customers!

We were lucky enough at our original Lock Chicago location to find a space with pre-built rooms where we didn't have to do anything other than construct the escape room itself. Now that we are looking at a new 5,800 square foot space across the street there is a lot to be done in terms of sectioning out the space. 

It's one thing to concept an escape room out of an existing space but now with the absolute freedom to design a room how we want it opens it up for endless possibilities. From negotiation commercial leases to working with the city of Evanston to get the necessary building permits, fire inspections, and more there's a lot going on but the most important advice we recommend is to be thorough! There will likely be nothing more damaging to a successful move than missing something and having to backtrack to get an updated business license or installing sprinklers because the fire alarms didn't quite cut it.

Get a good lawyer, realtor, and architect and it will make your job significantly easier! 


Lock Chicago