Curating Escape Room Social Media Content by Lock Chicago

Hello All!

Today's post will feature how we manage our social media content most notably Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

In a world where more and more of our news sources are coming from news feeds instead of newspapers it is extremely important that all businesses, not just escape rooms utilize their advantages to stay relevant. We've seen so many other escape rooms simply post pictures of their teams which is great, but let's be honest your followers only care so much about viewing strangers successes and failures.

Memes, videos, Boomerangs, and more have taken over the social media scene in an innovative way to capture the 1-2 second attention span many of us have as we scroll through various apps. It's important to show what you do and where you came from, but if you want to engage your followers you need to post and craft entertaining content which will cause people to react. Contests are another great way to spread the word as you can keep followers coming back to your pages to see if they won or if there are any updates.

Stay on the cutting edge folks! Social media is your friend and if you want to continue to reach a new fanbase every day you need to make sure you have content that they will be interested in. Lock Chicago out! 

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Brian, Bane, and Alex