Halloween at Lock Chicago

Hello Again!

T-26 days until Halloween and we'll be dressing our escape rooms up with some spooky flair. The concept of Escape Rooms is interesting because how it is many times tied to the themes of Haunted Houses and other various "scare factor" attractions across the world. There are a few even in Evanston this time of year where we are located.

Halloween plays a big part with this because not only are you fully immersed in an experience but many times as a guest you are playing the part of a character in a plot/movie. Escape rooms truly capitalize on this and provide different unique opportunities to celebrate the season other than getting the wits scared out of you by a mindless zombie (nothing against all our friends with Zombie rooms out there!)

What will YOU be dressing up as for Halloween? Feel free to leave a comment here!


Brian, Bane, and Alex - Lock Chicago