Opening Day - Malfunction

It took months of planning and preparation but on April 1st we were proud to launch our newest escape room, "Malfunction" to the public! 

We tested the room with close to 20 groups for weeks leading up to that Saturday making minor tweaks here and there to adjust for puzzle solvency and design. Learning how to operate one escape room is challenging enough but with over 65 guests arriving throughout the day a large portion involved learning on the fly.

With less than 3 hours of sleep we funneled all the caffeine known to man into our systems and greeted our new groups which included families, friends, companies coming for team-building events and many more. To say we were nervous would be an understatement but by far the most rewarding aspect of owning an escape room is seeing the enjoyment from guests as they navigate through our rooms which less than 3 months ago were nothing but empty office spaces.

We aren't close to being done yet by any means! When interacting with groups one of the most important pieces is to ask for constructive feedback because complacency can never be an option. Escape rooms must always continue to innovate and push the limits of the human imagination to provide the best possible experience for its users.

Escape rooms are not in competition with one another. In a perfect world we would love to see every escape room succeed because truly the worst scenario would be a first time escape-roomer visiting one that was poorly developed and tested and swearing them off altogether.

We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you sometime for our new room!


Brian and Bane