Lock Chicago and Mayfest's Mobile Escape Room

Hello again! Two weekends ago we had the privilege of partnering with Northwestern University's Mayfest student group and Dillo Day to host a mobile escape room on the festival grounds. We had a TON of fun as this was a completely new experience for us as well.

The mini-escape room experience lasted 20 minutes so it was certainly an interesting challenge for us to develop something way out of the norm where a lot of factors are out of our control. Typically we know the exact space and terrain we are working with in our building but with Dillo Day we are working in a tent located nearby the main stages which can provide a not-so-quiet environment for our guests. 

Our initial thought was to create an hour long puzzle and then test it utilizing as many puzzles and challenges as we could within a 25-30 minute time frame. We then reached out to the Mayfest coordinator's to make sure our room was themed to the festival and incorporated as many designs and decorations as we could.

Figuring out the reset time was the final piece which was actually much easier than our typical rooms due to many of the parts being unchanged throughout the duration of the experience. Our plan is to craft more mobile experiences not just around Evanston but throughout Chicago where we can engage more members of the community.

For an in-depth look at the experience check out this great article written by the "Daily Northwestern". http://dailynorthwestern.com/2016/05/18/ae/dillo-day-will-feature-first-ever-mobile-escape-room/


Brian and Bane, Lock Chicago