Pokemon GO, Lock Chicago, and Escape Room Advertising

I'm sure if you're reading this you're well aware by now of the huge trend of Pokemon GO taking the world by storm. Not only does it boast an impressive amount of users in just a few short days but it is driving unfathomable amounts of new business to small businesses and companies across the world. 

Escape Rooms are one of those businesses primed to take advantage of the games recent success. For those who aren't familiar, players collect different Pokemon through the game which is linked to GPS locations across the country. There are various items called "lures" you can use to attract Pokemon which players pursue. In downtown Chicago you can see hundreds of players swarming buildings that are essentially Pokemon hotspots. Companies can purchase lures and use them to attract Pokemon which in turn, attract customers.

In an industry such as escape rooms where it is relatively unknown in the United States this is a great way to increase exposure and even if players aren't immediately booking, raises awareness for this experience. Here at Lock Chicago our philosophy is that all escape rooms are working together, and the more people that know about them the better escape rooms will strive to be and provide a better experience for its players!

Pokemon GO is rapidly changing the way us and other companies advertise and reach their customers and its exciting to continue to learn new methods to grow your brand. Next time you're in the area feel free to stop by and see if there's any new Pokemon to catch by us!

-Brian and Bane